We Are Captive Reel!


Our motto is Story + Substance. The story is what we desire to capture vividly. The substance is how we seize that story. We believe that the best story is the one that most accurately depicts your events, ideas and moments. Therefore, we passionately seek to creatively exhibit narratives in a way that captures the heart behind them.

Currently we are a small team of two, but have connections to other like-minded professionals to insure that every job has the needed hands available.

What We Value


We value the story. We don’t like fluff or gimmicks, but rather aspire to do everything as accurately and genuinely as possible.

We value clients who care about good quality work and understand the time and effort it takes to produce these kinds of projects.

We value lighting. Doing photography and films is painting with lights. The right time of day or the right light set up can make a world of difference!

We value the right settings. Like lighting, the environment that’s displayed in front of the lens, down to the color of the walls, can be a boost or a detriment to your project. If you choose us, we will be available to help guide you through what time of day and what surroundings work best for what you want to accomplish.

We value learning. Technology advances and there are an infinite amount of ways to be creative on a project and want to know them all. So we never stop learning and maturing in our craft so that we could give our clients the best work possible!