After months of waiting, we finally got our hands on the DJI Mavic Pro. Prior to purchasing, I did tons of research and found nothing but great things about this drone. But was it all that my research suggested? Anxiousness filled my soul as my wife and I took the Mavic Pro to a nearby open field. Mavic Pro on? Check! Controller on? Check! Phone connected to controller? Check! But nothing happened as I attempted to power up the motors. Throughout all my probing, I was never made aware that I had to download the DJI go app! To make matters worse, I needed to be connected to wifi in order to download the app. My anxiousness quickly turned to gloom as I realized that my wife had an eye exam in less than an hour and I would not have the time to find a wifi hotspot, download the app, come back, then fly the Mavic. The Mavic had to wait. Luckily I was able to connect to wifi and load the app where we were. After enduring some of the slowest minutes in my life, I raced to get home to fly the drone at an open area inside the apartment complex. The time has finally arrived! Unfortunately my first experience with the Mavic Pro lasted a total of about 10 minutes because there was a Bible Study that I had to get to. But in those 10 minutes here’s what I found.

It performs very well windy environments

I can’t say exactly how fast the wind was blowing but it was very noticeably strong. Despite these conditions, the Mavic Pro performed like champ! I had no problems taking off or any unusual battery life loss because of the weather. Wind gust? No problem! The Mavic did a very good job of just hovering in place when I wasn’t moving it and staying the course when I was. The GPS and counter-course technologies really stood out, especially when compared to my last drone (DJI Phantom 2).

The cameral gimbal was a bit to responsive out of the box

As I moved the dial to pan the camera the movement was distinctively jerky. After doing some research since then, I found that there is a way to adjust the sensitivity of the camera gimbal. I’ve adjusted the settings and should hopefully have smoother camera movements from now on.

The intelligent flight modes are immensely helpful

Unfortunately,  I only had the time to try active track and tripod mode. But even so, I could see so many useful possibilities for these modes. Tripod mode drops the maximum speed of the Mavic to about 2.2 mph and reduces the sensitivity of the controls to allow greater precision in places that a more confined. Active track was the mode that I used to shoot the video on this blog. I just set it to track my wife and instructed her to walk as I thrusted the drone upwards. It worked beautifully as you can see from the video. I see myself using these two modes most for the type of shooting I usually do. Maybe as I test the other intelligent flight modes, my mid would change on this.

Final Verdict

Though only 10 minutes, it was enough to confirm with a resounding yes that the DJI Mavic Pro is indeed everything that I read about it and more! Would I still be this excited about this drone a few months from now? I don’t know. But for now, can a man just enjoy this honeymoon phase!?



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